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Be Prepared for Hurricane Season

Guidance on disaster and emergency preparation and communication for events such as hurricanes, tornadoes and Ebola are available for download in the NAA Emergency Preparedness Library. 

Affiliates: Visit the AEX Today

Affiliates of all sizes will find helpful information in the Affiliate Exchange Center (AEX).

Information on the following topics is included: peer-to-peer support; membership recruitment and retention; sales and marketing; non-dues revenue and more. Visit the AEX now. 


Affiliate Staff Community This Community is for all staff members from affiliate associations of NAA. Please use this community to discuss best practices, policies and every-...
Property Managers Join this group to discuss and collaborate issues related to property management, including resident relations, managing staff, managing budgets and...
Affiliate Education Directors The Affiliate Education Directors Community is for Affiliate Education Directors and other affiliate staff that manage education programs to stay...


NAA Legislative Committee 2016 Form Hi: Please fill out the attached form for NAA 2016's Legislative Commmittee Plan of Work.
Membership Dues Increase Good morning,   Our Board of Directors recently voted to increase our membership dues for 2017 for all levels of membership, and I'm looking for some...
Do You Make As Much As Your Peers? We recently completed an industry research report on salaries in multifamily, and now the report is available for free!  I hope it helps!   Download...

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